Asmolov A. G.

Title of the article Variative Education in the Changing World: Socio-Cultural Perspective of the Primary School Development
Authors Asmolov A. G.
Year 2013 Issue №8 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The paper reflects the ideas of the author (one of the new educational standard developers) concerning the prospects of primary school evolution, published in the Educational Policy journal in 2011, being still relevant due to the introduction of the Federal Act on Education from September 1, 2013.

In author's opinion, a successful accomplishment and implementation of the given act and standards can be achieved through careful explanation of their content and essence to the interested people, and justification of the related benefit for the society and teachers alike. The alteration of educational concepts is regarded as a challenging task, education being the most conservative sphere of human activity. As a solution to the primary school problem, the paper emphasizes several referent points including teachers' motivation, strengthening and updating of their professional skills and knowledge, etc. The primary school appears to be the most important basis for children’s personal socialization. And therefore, it should transform into the school of understanding, cultural dialog, game and project didactics, variant education, and foundation for the universal learning activities and value formation. The primary school should teach productive cooperation with adults and advanced peers, help in solving complicated life tasks, and raise children’s confidence in personal strength and capability.

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Index terms federal act on «Education in the Russian Federation», primary school, educational standards.

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