Zeyer Y. F.

Title of the article Socio-Educational Aspects of the Working Man Formation
Authors Zeyer Y. F.
Year 2013 Issue №8 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The paper analyzes a new for the Russian anthropology concept of the «working man», introduced in the Urals along with the propagation of a social and political movement «For the Working Man Protection»; the semantic content of the «man» and «labor» notions being observed as well as the process and problems of the working man formation in the modern world.

The author emphasizes the asymmetry of the socio-economic and vocational educational infrastructure, along with the contradictions between the labor market demands for the technical and technological profile workers and the existing educational qualification structure of vocational schools.

In author's opinion, the disorganization of labor training in comprehensive school and deficiencies of vocational education hinder the process of the industrial working man formation. The professional orientation system is criticized for being unable to meet the demands of modern economy and provide the young people with the adequate concept of the working career.

For overcoming the above problems affecting the working man formation, the paper recommends modernization of the labor training system in comprehensive schools, reformation of vocational training, and renovation of professional orientation system. The special emphasis is given to the continuing training of the working man.

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Index terms working man, labor education, vocational training, professional orientation, future prognostication.

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