Lurye L. I.

Title of the article The Prospects of Scientific Pedagogic Periodicals
Authors Lurye L. I.
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Year 2013 Issue №1 Pages  
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The paper considers the preparation and publication specifics of the pedagogic periodicals in the context of current development problems of pedagogic science, complex tasks of education system reorganization and expert pedagogic research elaboration. The author maintains that the working style of the editors and publishers of specialized periodicals has a considerable impact on educational process as it reflects the main strategy, policy and innovational trends in educational sphere. The periodicals should set up the required level of modern pedagogical science and discuss its concepts and methodology.

The author focuses on the relations between editors and authors, authors and readers, and publication requirements, while analyzing the experience of the best scientific periodicals. In his opinion, the scientific journals should be available and provide the media for discussions and mass debates on current situations and development prospects in educational sphere. The task of involving the various strata of educational society in creative pedagogical work can be solved by using the modern information technologies.

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Index terms scientific pedagogic periodical, culture, innovative activity, freedom of creativity, independent publication work.

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