Makovskaya Y. A.

Title of the article Social Educational Work with the Future So­cial Teaches in a Pedagogical University
Authors Makovskaya Y. A.
In the section SOCIAL PEDAGOGY
Year 2013 Issue №10 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The paper discusses a model of social teachers’ training for the higher school, and analyzes its approbation in several Ukrainian higher schools. The author accentuates the general pedagogical and special training principles, applied in the teaching course, and denotes the main criteria of the future teaches’ readiness for professional activity.

The research conclusions demonstrate that the social teacher training for the Master of Education degree involves the following factors: developed social educational network, pedagogical content guidance, intensification of training processes, motivation for professional self-development, and pedagogical identification. The pedagogical content guidance and training process intensification imply the combination of psycho-pedagogical disciplines and other professional courses, elaboration of didactic materials, educational forms and methods. The pedagogical professional identification and motivation development provides the integrity of the value oriented, operational, and reflective components. The development of pedagogical identification is regarded as a complex dynamic phenomenon similar to socialization processes with their consequent stages of trust, autonomy, initiative, achievement, identity, creativity, and integrity.

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Index terms competence, project method, pedagogical university, social teacher.

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