Lyakh Y. A.

Title of the article The Advancing Potential of Tutor Technologies in the Senior Student Teaching in the High School
Authors Lyakh Y. A.
Year 2013 Issue №10 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  
Abstract The paper is devoted to the tutoring system in the modern high school. The system in question is based on the complex developmental educational technology of personalized teaching, aimed at identifying students’ educational motives and interests, and creating individual training programs and educational reflection. The important role is given to the tutor’s competence both in profile teaching and creating the comfortable communicative and stimulating educational environment. The author reveals the structural and functional implementation model of tutoring technologies, and observes its performance in the course of education quality monitoring of senior students in the profile high schools. The effectiveness of the personalized tutor technology system is demonstrated in three different aspects: the students’ education quality and communicative educational activity; development of tutors’ competence in monitoring the profile education quality; and students’ self-assessment and professional self-determination. The experimental research demonstrates that the implementation model of tutor technologies facilitates education quality improvement in the high school.
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Index terms profile education, education quality, education technology, teacher, student, tutor, projection.

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