Lyu Tseya

Title of the article The Strategic Partnership between Russia and China in Educational Shere
Authors Lyu Tseya
Year 2013 Issue №10 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The paper is devoted to the scientific and educational cooperation of Russia and China. Over the last two decades it has developed dramatically due to the constant support of the countries’ leaders and resulted in a large number of agreements in scientific, technical, educational and cultural spheres. The partnership involves the joint research programs, training programs, scientific and educational activities, mutual support of academic mobility of teachers and students, international conferences, workshops, contests of innovative projects and students’ festivals.

The research methodology combines general scientific methods of logical cognition, analysis and synthesis, and statistic methods of selection, combination, comparison and generalization. The paper demonstrates the dynamics of Chinese students graduated in Russia from 1950 to 2013 and Russian students graduated in China in the last thirteen years, as well as the related prognoses for 2020.

The partnership between Russia and China in educational sphere has a strategic importance for economic stability and steady development of both countries in the nearest and distant future, given the globalization processes, complicated international situation, etc. However, there still remains a considerable potential for the reciprocal friendly cooperation in educational and cultural spheres. The author emphasizes a need for further exploration and development of the intellectual exchange mechanisms and effectiveness of the process.

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Index terms strategic partnership, education, Russia, China.

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