Ogonovskaya I. S.

Title of the article The Environment of Pedagogic Creativity and its Redusing Factors
Authors Ogonovskaya I. S.
Year 2013 Issue №1 Pages  
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The paper is devoted to the issue of pedagogic creativity, its development and existence within the real environment of educational establishments limited by their objective and subjective factors. The research is aimed at investigating the conditions affecting teacher’s creativity, the latter being viewed as an integral characteristic including intellectual and emotional flexibility, imagination, intuition, capability of overcoming the stereotypes, working in nonstandard situations and aspiring for new ways.

The research is based on the traditional pedagogic methods of observation and testing, and collective phenomena investigation methods of questionnaires, socio-metrics, etc. The main conclusion concerning the environment of pedagogic creativity reveals its limited nature. In author’s opinion, the systematic outside pressing, freedom restrictions, work depersonalization, alienation of the most talented teachers can adversely affect the creative approach to teacher’s professional activity and quality motivation.

The research findings might be of interest to heads of educational establishments and teachers.

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Index terms

creativity, pedagogic creativity, creative environment, professional burnout, personal creativity, limiting factor


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