Zerchaninova T. I., Zubareva T. V.

Title of the article Social Audit of the Municipal Sys­tem of General Education
Authors Zerchaninova T. I., Zubareva T. V.
Year 2013 Issue 7 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  
Abstract The paper deals with the theory and practice of social audit of the municipal system of general education. The authors have developed a conceptual model of social audit to accurately identify both the short- and long-term development prospects of the given system. The paper describes the social audit procedures in Berezovsky municipal district of Sverdlovsk region including four stages: the content analysis of municipal documents concerning the development strategy of the general education system, diagnosis of the current conditions and problems, effectiveness evaluation of the municipal system of general education, and practical recommendations for improving the education quality. The above mentioned audit demonstrates that the indices of education development are unsystematically tracked, obstructing therefore the adjustment process. To solve the given problems the following measures are recommended: personnel policy development, creating the regional managerial reserve and organizing management workshops, informing the teachers about the modern educational tools, and updating the municipal program of the «Educational System Development of Berezovsky Municipal District for 20011–20015». However, the above suggestions target only the current problems disregarding the challenges of tomorrow which require the advancing strategy. In authors’ opinion, the main emphasis should be replaced on the quality improvement of the municipal educational services instead of the infrastructure reinforcement.
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Index terms municipal system of education, social audit, effectiveness.

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