Selivanov O. A.

Title of the article The Role of Teenageers’ Life Experience Actualization in the Framework of the Safe Social Environment Formation
Authors Selivanov O. A.
In the section SOCIAL PEDAGOGY
Year 2013 Issue №7 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The paper looks at the problem of social security and emphasizes the urgent need for developing the general theory of social security, its concepts and models designed to meet the requirements of time and specify different aspects and levels of socialization process – federal, regional and municipal. The author regards actualization of teenagers’ life experience as a promising direction for exploring the opportunities for creating the safe social environment.

The individual socio-psychological functioning is delineated as a multilevel correlation of internal and external human resources used for resolving difficult situations. According to the author, the prompt mobilization of internal resources of a teenager, training the ability to apply the external resources for solving the problem and developing the safe behavior can improve the quality of life in the modern society. Along with the risks of modern information society, the author emphasizes a number of dangerous social trends: disruption of social institutions, ifantilization of education, distortion of historical cultural channels, and devaluation of the collectivism idea.

In author’s opinion, teenagers should get some special knowledge and individual training to develop the skills of safe behavior in actual situations; and the prospects of the modern society considerably depend on the above procedures.

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Index terms life experience, actualization of life experience, safe environment, resources, socio-psychological personality functioning, teenagers.

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