Таgiltseva N.T., Shavov F.D.

Title of the article Suggestopedia as the Method of the Music Experience Formation of Preschool Children
Authors Таgiltseva Natalya T., Shavov Filip D.
Year 2015 Issue №2 Pages 94
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The article aims to consider the possibility of suggestopedia methods use that are successfully practiced in foreign language teaching, pedagogy of music education of preschool children, in starting schools; to find out the degree of methods efficiency of suggestopedia in shaping the musical experience of preschool children in various activities at music lessons.

Methods. The theoretical foundations of the article are views and concepts of the Bulgarian researcher, teacher and psychologist, G. Lozanov; he had studied out the suggestopedia method for foreign language teaching, and the theory of meta-subject education on the basis of artistic-creative activity and appeal to masterpieces of art. Monitoring and surveillance over non-verbal behavior of children, surveys and discussions were used as practical methods.

Results. Musical experience of the child is considered as the process of the development of musical memory. Many suggestopedia techniques developed by Bulgarian and Russian researchers were selected and tested; those that involve the use of involuntary memorization of music when performing creative tasks: free movement or plastic intonation, paint color schemes, music and organizational tasks related to the preparation and conduct music lessons. Three series of diagnostic tasks associated with memory, remembering and recognition of classical pieces of music unknown for preschoolers were worked out to test the effectiveness of these methods and its integration into the process of preschoolers’ music education. The conducted experiment has shown that methods of suggestopedia provide memory activation – children keep in memory classical music.

Scientific novelty. The research demonstrates the application reasonability of suggestopedia methods used at foreign language teaching, music education of preschool children and juniors. It has been proved that involuntary memorizing of classical music by children listening to background sounding during the art-creative activities such as free movement and drawing has the greatest degree of efficiency.

Practical significance. Results and implementations of the research proposed in the present study are topical subjects to review of the musical content while giving classes to upcoming first grade pupils, and also integration of suggestopedia elements into an organizational component and directly to music educational process and its content (such as free movement, drawing of colourful diagrams and charts of musical compositions, applique work, performance of theatrical etudes, etc.). The research findings and developed diagnostic tasks can become widely used in practical activities of starting schools.

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Index terms suggestopedia methods, musical experience, preschoolers

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