Muravyeva Anna A.

Title of the article Regulation of National Qualifications Systems
Authors Muravyeva Anna A.
Year   Issue №5 Pages 82
Type of article   Index UDK УДК 377 Index BBK  
Abstract The paper looks into the diverse aspects of qualifications system regulation, designed for balancing the supply and demand in the labor and educational service markets. Both the objects and mechanisms of such regulation are described. Special attention is given to institutions, involved in regulation of qualifications, and their jurisdiction. Another emphasis is on the industry-related regulation of qualifications which proved to be effective both on the national and European level. Such structures were first established on the national levels to regulate the qualifications and ensure their comparability and compatibility, given the economic globalization and growing labor and academic mobility. The author points out the role of the ministries of education and labor in maintaining a steady qualifications system, and outlines the positive experience of Great Britain using the industry councils for continuing development of qualifications system.
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Index terms qualifications system, globalization, mobility, industry councils.

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