№8, October 2014



Methodology problems 4
Zagvyazinsky V. I. General View on Pe­da­go­gi­cal Research: Preliminary Stage 4
ECONOMY AND Edu­ca­ti­on 19
Mokronosov A. G., Vershinin A. A. Ad­van­ced Development Model of Territorial Hu­man Resources Potential            19
Psychological Research 33
Zeer E. F. Students’ Social and Profes­sio­nal Mo­bility as a Prerequisite of Dynamic Career Pros­pects 33
Philosophical Research 49
Andryukhina L. M. Telepresence Techno­lo­gies as a New Anthropological Platform for Education Development 49
Didactic issues 67
Gelfman E. G., Kholodnaya M. A. Academic Texts as a Medium for Students’ Intellect Development in Teaching Mathematics     67
Information technologies in education 81
Mamonova Yu. A. The Open Education Sys­tem: Formation and Functioning 81
Culture studies 92
Zhukova Ye. D. The Essence of Personal Hu­ma­nitarian Culture 92
Additional education 106
Chervony M. A., Svaleva T. V., Vlasova A. A. Fu­ture Teachers Training in the Addi­tio­nal Edu­cation Environment of Pedagogic Uni­ver­sity 106
History of education 120
Shcherbin M. M. Patriotic Essence of the «Com­mon Benefit» Idea in Socio-Pedagogic Thinking of the 16–17th Centuries Belarus 120
Consultations 136
Lykova Ye. S. The Still Life Drawing by Juni­or Pupils 136


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