Zagvyazinsky V. I.

Title of the article General View on Pe­da­go­gi­cal Research: Preliminary Stage
Authors Zagvyazinsky Vladimir I.
In the section Methodology problems
Year 2014 Issue №8 Pages 4
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The aim of the publication is to identify and outline the basic components of pedagogical research: selection and substantiation of research topic; setting the problem and research object, defining the key points, conceptual system, research goals and objectives, its creative core including the main idea of ​​transformation, conception and hypothesis.

The method is based on the panoramic approach focused on identification of research sequence, anticipated content and outcomes.

The research findings include the outline of elements and stages of the roadmap, relevant to intended investigation, as well as the most common mistakes in research process along with the ways out. The author demonstrates the model construction options regarding the initial and desired state of the object or process, and indicates the transition ways from the first model to the second one.

Scientific novelty is related to the idea of progressive education, based on the constructive apprehension of the future society demands and education development scenarios, and combining both the positive traditional and new information communications technologies.

Practical significance results from the careful implementation of the preliminary stage components guaranteeing the research effectiveness

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Index terms progressive education, panoramic approach, research concept, idea and plan of reorganization, research logical outline

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