Bushmakina N. S., Shikhova O. F.

Title of the article The Engineering Graphics Olimpiad as a Means for Students’ Creative Professional Competence Formation in the Technical Higher School
Authors Bushmakina N. S., Shikhova O. F.
Year 2013 Issue №2 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  
Abstract The paper is devoted to the creative professional competence development by the technical high school students – the prospective building engineers – by means of the Engineering Graphics Olympiad. The authors investigate the concepts of the creative competences, creative abilities, creative professional competences, and denote the structure of the engineering-graphic competence. Its main components, singled out by the group expert assessment, form the basis for the Olympiad content regarding its selection and major rounds. For the more argumentative selection it is recommended to provide the pedagogic expertise corresponding with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standards and considering the students’ level. The formation levels of the competence in question are discussed along with the corresponding knowledge and skills. The authors present the brief analysis of the research outcomes and make a conclusion about the necessity of students’ additional preparatory work regarding the specificity of the engineering graphics training in the technical higher school.
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Index terms students’ creative professional competence, Olympiad, group expert estimation method, engineering graphic competence, formation levels of engineering-graphic competence, criterion-referenced subtest, the norm-referenced subtest, professionally focused tasks.

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