Khan Y. Y.

Title of the article Preconditions and Peculiarities of Implementing the Meta-Disciplinary Technologies in Primary School Teaching
Authors Khan Y. Y.
Year 2013 Issue №2 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The Federal State Educational Standards require the implementation of meta-subject technologies in comprehensive schools. The research is aimed at defining the prerequisites for assimilating the above technologies, and the specifics of their implementation and adaptation in the primary school teaching.

The author points out the universal character of meta-subject technologies regarding the different categories of children; the idea being the most relevant due to the multi-level educational integration and introduction of the inclusive teaching. 

To illustrate the modeling of the meta-technology and its application to the school subjects, the author takes the philology sphere. The process of simultaneous addressing the piece of literature and work of art creates the associative educational environment raising the collective creativity and resulting in the joint intellectual and esthetic experience of students and teaches. The research findings demonstrate the impact of meta-disciplinary technologies on students’ cognitive activity; its positive dynamics proves the effectiveness of given technologies.

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Index terms specifics, prerequisite, universal character of meta-subject technologies, cooperative creativity, associative educational environment

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