Tchapayev N. K., Yefanov A. V.

Title of the article To the Issue of the Practice Theory  Deve­lop­ment
Authors Tchapayev N. K., Yefanov A. V.
Year 2013 Issue №2 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The paper deals with the theoretical analysis of practical training as one of the two main forms of vocational training. Industrial practice is regarded as poly-systematic, alternative existence of students entering the adults’ world, the means for developing students’ functional responsibility and subjective world outlook, etc.

The paper overcomes the existing utilitarian one-sided approach to the place and value of practice, its impact on the specialist’s professional development and opportunities for professional growth being explored.

Regarding the practical training as psycho-pedagogical and educational phenomenon, the authors developed the theoretical and methodological bases for its designing and conducting in vocational schools. The research conclusions contain some heuristic innovative potential facilitating both the foundation of independent theory of practical training and organization of practice oriented training in vocational schools.

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Index terms practice theory, shuttle movement, alternative existence, getting used to a profession, professional attitude, functional responsibility, world outlook, specialist’s professional development.

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