Dorozhkin Y. M., Shcherbina Y. Y.

Title of the article Development Trends of Vo­cational Education in the Context of Socio-Economic Changes
Authors Dorozhkin Y. M., Shcherbina Y. Y.
Year 2013 Issue №6 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The paper explores the current development trends of primary, secondary and higher education. The authors emphasize the crisis of professionalism in various spheres of national economy caused by the crisis of Russian education. The vocational teaching and managerial staff are facing the global task of training the specialists demanded by the modern economy and capable of adapting to the increasingly changing life and information environment. The main emphasis is on the ability to foresee the production needs by analyzing the industrial enterprise from the socio-technological perspective.

The authors outline the key factors affecting the above functions along with the resulting requirements for employees’ professional levels. To train the vocational university graduates in accordance with the above requirements, the authors suggest the project method implementation providing the accumulation of methodological, social and professional competences and facilitation of cross-disciplinary knowledge.

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Index terms human capital, project method, vocational training, team work, competence, higher education, competence approach.

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