Tagiltseva N. G.

Title of the article Organizing the Music Classes in Starting Schools
Authors Tagiltseva N. G. 
Year 2013 Issue №6 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The paper considers the issue of children preparation for school in so called starting schools. In author’s opinion, the arts disciplines such as music, drawing and choreography can develop the aesthetic sense, moral qualities, more optimistic world outlook and respectful attitude; the child develops creative skills and beauty perception both in fine arts and wild life.

The author looks at the problems of planning and organizing the music training of preschool children, the different requirements for and concepts of the preschool and primary school normative documents being analyzed. The paper substantiates the effectiveness of poly-artistic and activity approaches to the split-level teaching, in particular – the method of projecting the familiar actions onto some sort of artistic activities. Based on the succession of preschool and primary school training, the author specifies the goals of music classes in starting schools, and outlines the most relevant game activities of role plays, didactic plays and contests.

The paper is addressed to preschool and primary school teachers, music teachers, as well as methodologists and researchers dealing with preschool teaching.

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Index terms starting school, music classes of preschool children.

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Federal state requirements to structure of the main educational program of preschool education. Access mode: http://base.garant.ru/197482/#1000


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