Shteinberg V. E., Vakhidova L. V., Davletov O. V.

Title of the article Di­dac­tic Mo­de­ling: Di­dac­tic Mul­ti­le­vel Techno­logy and Per­so­ni­fi­ed In­for­ma­ti­onal Edu­ca­ti­onal En­vi­ron­ment
Authors Shte­in­berg V. E., Vak­hi­do­va L. V., Dav­le­tov O. V.
In the section DIDACTIC ISSUES
Year 2014 Issue №4 Pages 69
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  
Abstract The paper discusses the results and prospects of experimental development of didactic multidimensional technology; the demand for such a technology results from the increasing complication of educational content and rising education quality requirements. Further improvements of educational process are closely related to implementing the information technologies – i.e. mental cards, information graphics, frames, structural schemes and other visualization forms. The research is aimed at finding the effective instruments of didactic modeling of knowledge. Based on several functional approaches, the authors have formulated the concept of personified informational educational system, and developed a courseware – DMT DESIGN (SA).1. The program is based on the subagent approach and macro- and micro-navigation technologies, applied to the functional structure and educational content. In the conclusion, the authors outline the main trends of forthcoming experimental research, aimed at identifying the opportunities of didactic multidimensional tools implementation in educational processes.
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Index terms instrumental didactics, didactic multidimensional technology, logical semantic modeling, instrumental activity approach, multidimensional approach.

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