Guzanov B. N., Dultsev S. N.

Title of the article Informational Reinforcement of Students’ Course Design Aimed at Promoting Engineers Training Quality in Technical Education
Authors Guzanov B. N., Dultsev S. N.
Year 2012 Issue №4 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  
Abstract Using the modern information technologies in educational process is regarded as one of the main directions in training the qualified specialists with systematic engineering thinking. The optimum combination of various educational technologies and computerized resources can improve teaching quality and promote students’ professional level. Taking as an example one of the basic technical disciplines of the engineering training curriculum at a technical higher school, the authors describe the computerized technology facilitating the course design. The technology in question - the «Reduktor» courseware - adapts the complex product of Autodesk –AutoCAD for educational purposes. The above program is the enhanced interface of AutoCAD, linked to the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and the reference data library used for designing the reduction gear. The experimental research, based on the qualimetric approach and continuous diagnostic and prognostic monitoring of the key indices of knowledge acquisition, proves the effectiveness of informational reinforcement of students self-dependent work.
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Index terms: engineering training, information technologies, course design, quality of education, self-dependent activity, rating.

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