Krapivina L. A.

Title of the article «Karavella» Pioneers Detachment – a Look in Half a Century Light
Authors Krapivina L. A.
Year 2012 Issue №4 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The paper is dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of the children’s organization founded by the well-known writer Vladislav Krapivin. Analyzing the example of «Karavella» – the Experimental Pioneer Detachment, the author outlines the systematic ways of teenagers’ involvement with the mass multi-age organization propagating the strong moral and ethic ideas and values. The process of educational system development in «Karavella» is revealed with the emphasis on active position, empathy, creativity, self-reliance, self-respect, emotional and intellectual independence.

 The manifest and underlying factors having an impact on developing the organizational spirit are indicated. The system of psychological support developed during the decades and concerning both children and adults is reviewed, as well as the life arrangement forms combining the romantic, heroic, patriotic and symbolic aspects; educational and social growth; carrier development system with its hierarchy of ranks and titles; collective rules and regulations, and joint management; program methods and methodological provision; teaching staff training etc.

The above organizational programs are based on the notion that the personally valued knowledge has the main priority for teenagers and adolescents because of their strong need for self-actualization. Only due to the personal experience derived in real life conditions the actual personality growth can be achieved. Therefore, the long time expertise of that unique children’s organization is a valuable and up-to-date recourse for those who are responsible for ethic and emotional education of the coming generation.

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Index terms: educational system, moral and emotional personality core, latent potentials, multi-age dialogue, good will, democracy, discipline, freedom of choice, mass children’s organization, pioneers’ movement.

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