Staritchenko B. Y.

Title of the article In­for­ma­ti­on Technology Model of Edu­ca­ti­on
Authors Staritchenko B. Y.
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The paper substantiates the urgent need for educational system transformation from the traditional class-lesson teaching to the information technology model (IT‑model). The general requirements of the modern information society to school leavers and university graduates are considered with the reference to the new educational standards. According to the author, there is no way to meet these requirements using the traditional educational model.

The proposed training model is based on implementation of the information and communications technologies for solving the didactic and managerial tasks. The new model implies both the compulsory assimilation of required knowledge and the maximum individual achievements. The principles of the IT‑model formation are denoted along with the background for its introduction; the specifics of the model implementation in the secondary and higher school being emphasized. In author’s opinion the given model complies both with the existing educational standards and organizational schemes of educational process.

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Index terms education in the information society, training model, information technology teaching model, designing the training process.

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