Iskrin N.S., Chichkanova T.A.

Title of the article The Systematic Approach to Management in Education
Authors Iskrin Nikita S., Chichkanova Tatyana A.
Year 2015 Issue №1 Pages 7
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The purpose of this article is to study the potential of a systematic approach as the basic element of the course content in system training of managers in education.

Methods. Methods involve analysis of the theory and practice of application of the system approach to management challenges in education; positions of the general systems’ theory; synergetic approach as «the optimum control mechanism of complex systems»; adaptation of administrative technologies for an education sphere, implemented before and mainly in economy; questioning of educators of an education system of different levels.

Results. The authors have proved the necessity of formation of managers’ systems thinking, with the specialization – a variety of educational services rendering. Managerial process characteristics of educational institution are defined. The course as training variant «Education of Managers» is proposed on the basis of the analysis of a historiography and summary results of questioning.

Scientific novelty. Theoretical blocks of retraining and reorientation program to new paradigms of educators’ service or activities of are specified. The systematic approach to activity operations management has become the basis of the proposed program.

Practical significance. Developed on the basis of results of research and approved course « Systematic approach in educational institution practice: technologies and management issues» helps get over some thinking and the stereotypes that generate the problems in education system development; promotes understanding of management methods in accordance with principles of systematic thinking; realizes and sets the abilities of interrelations revealing between external and internal processes and phenomena in relation to the system; develops an ability to predict the future systems behaviour and readiness to change structure of system, cohesion between its elements and functions

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Index terms manager in education, systematic approach, professional development of pedagogic personnel

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