Belyayeva L. A., Novikova O. N.

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Authors Belyayeva L. A., Novikova O. N.
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Year 2012 Issue №5 Pages  
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The paper suggests the game interpretation as the universal and phenomenal way of developing personal identity by a relaxed participation in game activity. Unlike the extended definitions of game as a culturalogical and pedagogical phenomenon, the authors suggest the game analysis in philosophical perspective revealing its existential status. Being the active form of personal existence, the game facilitates self-awareness by means of self-understanding and self-determination in the course of game activity developing the attitude of «I am another one», and giving a chance to experiment with personal identity, taking and playing various social and cultural roles.

The existential significance of games activating self-understanding and meaning of self-existence is growing nowadays, given pluralism and reassessment of values.

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Index terms: game as an existential phenomenon, personal identity, self-awareness, self-understanding, self-determination

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