Fugelova T. A.

Title of the article From Humanizing the Educational Process to Professionally Mobile Specialists Training
Authors Fugelova T. A. 
Year 2012 Issue №5 Pages 65
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Training professional mobile specialists capable of responding flexibly to dynamic changes in society is considered to be the most important issue of the modern educational system. The paper justifies the idea that technical universities should take responsibility for solving this problem by means of humanization of technical education, which implies reconsidering its values and general notions. For overcoming the technocratic trends, the author recommends to cultivate the value of professionalism in the humanization context.

 Professionalism is defined by using the «professional service» idea as a «purpose acknowledgment, super-task, even a mission». The main components of the above attitude lie in finding the harmony with the world and its basic values. Therefore, technical universities face the challenge of training people of intelligence with a high moral and business responsibility. The basic value of such a person is regarded as «dedication to the cause» - the constant desire to improve the world and leave behind themselves something of value to society.

 For training such specialists, the educational process should provide teachers dialogue and collaboration with students to facilitate the process of self-determination and self-development of the prospective specialists.

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Index terms: professionalism, humanization of education, dedication to the profession, business, professional mobility.

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