Potapov V. N.

Title of the article Individual Style of Self-Regulation of the Top Quality Sportsmen
Authors Potapov V. N.
Year 2012 Issue №5 Pages 107
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The paper deals with identifying the individual specifics of self-regulation style development by the top qualification biathletes – the members of the Russian Federation team. The research combines the theoretical analysis methods, idealization and modeling techniques, psychological diagnostics, medical and pedagogical testing, and pedagogic experiment.

The methodology basis includes the ideas of self-regulation developed by O. A. Konopkin and V. I. Morosanova. The author has devised and substantiated the method of developing the individual style of self-regulation by the top category biathletes. It has been proved that the above style can be achieved by sportsmen in the process of developing socially adequate motivation and socially valued personality traits by using verbal auto-training methods. It is indicated that there is no fixed correlation between a success in sport training and personality type. However, each type has its inherent steady characteristic complex of self-regulation. The research findings can be implemented both in training the top achievement sportsmen and sport reserves

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Index terms: top achievement sport, individual style of self-regulation, harmonious and accentuated style of self-regulation, sport training success

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