Fomenko S. L.

Title of the article Mastering the Concept, Content and Technologies of the Competence Approach to Education by Academic Staff

Fomenko S. L.  

Year 2012 Issue №6 Pages  
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The paper deals with the findings of the long-term research into the professional development process of the school academic body. The methodology of the research combines the systematic, functional, acmeological and subject approaches. The research outcome concerns the concept of professional development and growth of academic staff in the modern conditions of educational system reorganization. The core concepts include the description of stages reflecting the academic staff professional growth and their cooperation ways. Each stage is characterized by the degree of academic staff readiness for solving new educational problems.

The research findings can provide the management of educational establishments with the necessary assistance in identifying the levels of academic staff readiness for fulfilling the competence model of education.

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Index terms: competence approach, academic body, collective subject, stages of professional growth.

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