Popov D. P.

Title of the article Education Quality Assessment by the Teachers and Students of the Ural Region in the Light of the Higher School Reorganization
Authors Popov D. P.
Year 2012 Issue №8 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  
Abstract The paper deals with different approaches to defining the education quality concept, and analyzes its sociological aspects revealed in the works of foreign and Russian authors. As a key issue, the author emphasizes the divergent interests of different social groups in the context of higher school reorganization. Based on the empirical research conducted at seven universities in Yekaterinburg, the author maintains that the evaluation of the reforms by educational society is largely negative, its rejection being of a systematic rather than a random character. Both professorial teaching staff and students opposing the reform do not seem to change their attitude until the considerable amendments to the reforms are introduced. The main concern is about the quality and values of education, its gradual transformation from classical fundamental education focusing students’ personal development to the practical one targeting the competitiveness of graduates. The author argues that without consideration of opposing opinions of teachers and students the reorganization process is destined to slow down or even fail.
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Index terms: quality of education, higher school reorganization, reform assessment, Bologna process.

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