Sidenko Y. A.

Title of the article Teachers’ Professional Development in the Framework of the New Federal State Educational Standards
Authors Sidenko Y. A.
Year 2012 Issue №8 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The paper considers a contradiction between the great demand for teachers’ professional development, induced by the new Federal State Educational Standards, and the lack of relevant training programs for school teachers.

The author has conducted a survey to assess teachers’ readiness for innovative activity required by the new educational standards. The survey reveals that 97% of teachers denote either difficulty or disapproval of implementing the above standards. Investigating the reasons for teachers’ negative attitude, the author puts forward a hypothesis of their insufficient motivation and commitment.

In theoretical part of the research teachers’ motivation is considered as a goal, intention, necessity, and personal quality that can be developed. As a result, a method of teachers’ motivation development is suggested actuating the motivation mechanism of achievements. The method is based on the project technique facilitating teachers’ professional and individual goal-setting ability. The program modules for teachers’ further training and prospective results are given.

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Index terms: motivation of achievement, motive, goal, goal-setting, project method, federal state educational standard.

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