Maslak A.A., Osipov S.A., Goncharova T.N.

Title of the article Investigation of Measurement Precision of Latent Variables in Education
Authors Maslak A.A., Osipov S.A., Goncharova T.N.
Year 2014 Issue №7 Pages 36
Type of article   Index UDK УДК 303.094.7 Index BBK  

The objective of the study is to investigate the measurement accuracy of latent variables depending on a number of dichotomous test items and variation range.

Methods: Investigation is based on the simulation experiments.

Results: The authors make recommendations for selecting a number of dichotomous test items and variation range depending on the required measurement precision of latent variables.

Scientific novelty: The research demonstrates statistical correlation between the measurement precision of latent variables and a number of test items and variation range.

Importance for practice: The research results can be used while developing the questionnaires and tests for measuring the latent variables.

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Index terms latent variable, Rasch model, measurement precision, dichotomous items, simulation experiment.

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