Filipova I. V., Novokreshchenova N. A., Novokreshchenova O. A.

Title of the article Co­ope­ra­ti­on with Stra­te­gic Partners: The Rus­si­an Hig­her Scho­ol Ex­pe­ri­en­ce

Fi­li­po­va I. V., No­vok­reshche­no­va N. A., No­vok­reshche­no­va O. A.

Year 2013 Issue №3 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

In order to reach the competitive position and attract investment universities should provide the high quality educational services and maintain the partnership with various social, state and educational institutions, as well as business society and production. The well-organized system of the above partnership allows implementing the modern information technologies, creating the new educational products, providing the continuity of vocational training, etc.

The paper analyzes the new forms and models of social and international cooperation and reflects the relating experience of the leading federal and national universities, which can be shared with the other higher schools. The paper discusses the main barriers to mutually beneficial strategic social partnership and the overcoming ways. The authors believe that the existing problems in education and economy can be solved on the basis of close cooperation of interested parties while taking into consideration their requirements, plans and benefits.

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Index terms business society, educational establishments, partners, strategic partnership, employers.

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