Kislov A. G.

Title of the article Education Versus Creativity: the Origins of Demysti­fi­cation
Authors Kislov A. G.
Year 2012 Issue №9 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK УДК 123.1 Index BBK  
Abstract The paper is devoted to the comparative analysis of the archaic and modern options for understanding creativity, carried out with the involvement of the theological instruments. Examining the above problem, the author refers to the legacy of Martin Luther - a bright theologian representing the social and individual worldview transformation - as well as the works by other thinkers: L. Shestov, J. Bataille, M. Buber, M. Bakhtin, E. Lévinas, M. Blanchot, G. Marcel, M. Foucault, Z. Bauman, G. Aganben, V. Podoroga, etc. The author attempts to interpret the determination of creativity on the non-mystified basis of human education. The research findings include the recognition of theology transformation into the post-theology, and overcoming the community dominant in social life formation, as well as reconsidering the nature of and limits to the human creativity. The research materials can be used in further studies into the peculiarities of modern society and its ideological dominants, as well as the place of education in individual and social life.
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Index terms: totality, emanation, creativity, power, right, responsibility, education.

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