Sazonov B. A.

Title of the article Grade Point Average System of Assessment: the Imp­le­mentation Peculiarities in Russia

Sazonov B. A.

Year 2012 Issue №9 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK УДК 371+378 Index BBK  

The paper analyzes the specificity, as well as flaws and faults of implementing the Grade Point Average (GPA) system of students’ personal assessment in Russian higher schools. Nowadays, the above system is regarded as the basic functional element of educational process organization at the world’s leading universities.

The author summarizes the foreign experience and demonstrates the advantages of the GPA system in comparison with the traditional domestic scale of assessment: full records of student’s assessment, objectivity, activation of responsibility for the results achieved, and self-control motivation.

The standard GPA model is demonstrated, its application systemizing both the Russian and European requirements to the higher school graduates.  The author suggests his own version of the assessment scale estimating and comparing the quality of education in Russian universities and worldwide. The research findings can be of interest to the specialists in the sphere of quality measurement and educational management.

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Index terms: grade point average system, grade point average, university rating regalement, major discipline, academic progress management, prerequisite levels.

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