Solntseva-Nakova Y.

Title of the article Main Trands and Prospects of Bilingual Education Development

Solntseva-Nakova Y.

Year 2012 Issue №9 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK УДК 372.08 Index BBK  

The paper deals with the system of bilingual education, its development history, causes and effects of transformation of multi-ethnical education into poly-cultural one. The correlation between the bilingual and poly-cultural teaching is emphasized, its intensification resulting from the historical and socio-cultural background, as well as the global trends in philosophy, pedagogy and psychology.

The author specifies the term of bilingual teaching; examines its various models emphasizing that their preferences depend on the particular socio-lingual backgrounds; demonstrates the relevance of bilingual teaching resulted from the general trend of economic, cultural and political integration. The advantages of bilingual education are enumerated: the access to information in various spheres and in a broader scale, continuing educational growth and competitiveness in the European and world labor markets.

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Index terms:

bilingual teaching, cross-cultural communication, poly-cultural education.


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