Murzina I. Y.

Title of the article Current Proplems of Culture Studies and Education
Authors Murzina I. Y.
In the section CULTURE STUDIES
Year 2012 Issue №9 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK УДК 378 Index BBK  

The paper is devoted to analyzing the specifics of culture studies, and development of this scientific sphere and relating higher school discipline in the last two decades. Given the need for integration of the humanities subjects, culture studies can provide the necessary ground for such consolidation, being aimed at the analysis and synthesis of socio-cultural conformities.

The problematic field of culture studies is defined along with the modern trends of scientific research in pedagogy. In author’s opinion, the culturology analysis of educational practices should be regarded as the important direction of culture studies. The culturology approach to educational standards and academic curricula development can provide the ground for overcoming the educational and pedagogic crisis.

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Index terms: humanities, culture studies, daily basis, pedagogic research.

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