Petrova M. G.

Title of the article Personal Self-Actualization in Intensive Group Training, or Why the Adults Need a Non-Professional Education
Authors Petrova M. G.
Year 2012 Issue №2 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The adults’ modern education, according to the author, can not be limited by obtaining and developing the professional competences, it primarily incorporates the work on life strategies, goals, meanings and self realization activities. The paper reveals the research findings concerning the self-actualization peculiarities of the adults choosing different types of socio-psychological trainings for personal growth and self-realization in all spheres of life.

The research is aimed at identifying the distinctive features of people who are ready to undergo the trainings and pay for their self-development. The research goals include studying the character profile of people who accept such educational forms as the opportunity for their potential development. It has being found out that striving for educational opportunities in personal grows is the characteristic feature of people realizing their quality potential as well as the insufficient level of the cognitive recourse.

The obtained results prove the necessity of designing the educational programs promoting the adults’ self-awareness and self-development.

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Index terms: self-actualization, socio-psychological training, character profile, realization of the potential.

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