Tatarkin A. I.

Title of the article Systematic Approach to Modernization of the Russian Federal Spatial Development
Authors Tatarkin A. I.
Year 2012 Issue №1 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  
Abstract The paper estimates the regional and municipal opportunities of spatial development modernization in the Russian Federation. In the post-crisis period, it is necessary to facilitate the innovative processes and society oriented state development to give way to the steady transition from the regional policy to the federal state structure, which requires scientifically based decision making in all the directions of social development. The author considers the ideology of such transition and recommends using the systematic approach to choosing priorities and development institutions. Several perspective factors such as education and science are analyzed in the context of systematic regional and territorial development along with the necessity for program-project modernization of the federal state structure. The following new institutions for regional development are proposed: regional and municipal self-deve­lopment, business territories, program-project planning of spatial development.
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Index terms: spatial development, sources and factors of spatial development, institutions of program-project development management, human oriented paradigm of institutional development, regional and territorial self-development as the most effective institution of the federal society structure, strategy of program-project planning and management development.

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