Gilmanov S. A.

Title of the article The Subject-Modeling Approach to Developing the Methodology Competence of the Future Teachers-Psychologists
Authors Gilmanov S. A.
Year 2012 Issue №1 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

Any practical activity of a modern specialist requires the methodology knowledge – the ability of setting and transforming goals, operating with summarized approaches and plans, creating and reconstructing them, etc. The paper deals with the role of the methodology competence in professional thinking; the subject-modeling approach to developing the professional thinking and methodology competence is considered regarding the future teachers-psychologists.

The substantiation of the above approach is given concerning the content and structure of the competence in question, as well as the students’ personal characteristics. The psychological mechanism of gaining the experience and professional thinking ability is described as interaction of two models – the cognitive and dynamic emotional ones – both reflecting the professional activity. The results of experimental work, based on such methods as analysis, theoretical modeling, supervision and polling, demonstrated the main developing factors of methodology competence: the general culture level, interest to the future profession, the professional activity presentation in educational process.

The research results imply the conclusion that the purposeful pedagogic activity based on the methodology competence is necessary for developing the future specialists’ professional thinking.

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Index terms: methodology competence, professional thinking, subject-modeling approach to developing the professional thinking

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