Zeer E. F., Popova L. S.

Title of the article The Influence of Creativity Level on Overcoming the Barriers of Teachers’ Professional Development
Authors Zeer E. F., Popova L. S.
Year 2012 Issue №1 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The paper summarizes the research findings concerning the influence of creativity on overcoming the barriers of teachers’ professional development. The research subject includes defining the interrelations between the creativity and professional burn-out. The aim of the studies is to find out the influencing factors of creativity eliminating the destructive trends of professional pedagogic activity.

The methodology is based on the E. E. Simanyuk’s concept describing the destructive tendencies of teachers’ professional formation and the constructive overcoming strategies.

The teachers’ refresher course at Sverdlovsk Regional Institute of Education Development was taken as the experimental ground for the research. The diagnostics of the psychological constructs relating to the discussed phenomena was carried out by using tests of high validity and reliability. The modern methods of mathematical statistics were applied.

The research outputs are of high practical importance both for designing the content of teachers’ professional development and upgrading their readiness for educational innovations.

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Index terms: professional development, creativity, barriers of teachers’ professional development, teachers’ professional burn-out

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