Lukyanin V. P.

Title of the article What Kind of Society Russia Is Building in the 21st Century
Authors Lukyanin V. P.
Year 2012 Issue №3 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  
Abstract The author looks at the outcome of the social and economic reorganization conducted in Russia in the last two decades, analyzing the present situation, psychological atmosphere in society and personal feelings, which reflect, on the one hand, the growing prosperity, and on the other hand – life dissatisfaction, spiritual emptiness, loneliness, disability of life control. The three most widely spread answers to the question concerning the society type being built in Russia in the 21st century are given. The first one – the official opinion characteristic of the ambitious, empowered people - holds that we are building the democratic, civil and legal society or the consumer society; the second one - the common men’s opinion, based on emotions rather than theoretical conclusions - holds that we are doing nothing at all; whereas the third opinion reflects the reality.  In conclusion, the existing economic model is defined by the author as reflecting the soviet-liberal way of doing business, which, in his opinion, is rather dangerous both for the state and society, and therefore should be transformed in the interest of the national economy instead of  the interest of big businesses.
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Index terms: man, society, stability, prosperity, stagnation, national economy, soviet-liberal way of doing business, interests of national economy.


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