Goncharov S. Z., Kosterina A. B.

Title of the article The Basics of Art Education (Based on I. A. Ilyin’s Works)
Authors Goncharov S. Z., Kosterina A. B.
In the section CULTURE STUDIES
Year 2012 Issue №3 Pages  
Type of article   Index UDK   Index BBK  

The paper is dedicated to the art per­cep­ti­on of va­ri­ous gen­res based on the comparative analysis method. The authors emphasize the esthe­tic he­ri­ta­ge of Ivan Ilyin and his spiritual actology – the reliable guidelines for those following in the footsteps of Alexander Pushkin in the Russian art. The research was designed to specify the basic esthetic and art study categories, introduced by Ivan Ilyin and including the basic content of the modern art education; the concepts of the creative artistic act, le­vels of work of art, artistry and art edu­ca­ti­on being defined. On the basis of the classical works on esthetics by the eminent Russian thinker, the authors analyze the essence of artistic perception; different levels of art work being discussed, as well as the artistic act of creating an art object and requirements for art education.

The art education problem is getting even more relevant because of the culture degradation, technocratic civilization of triviality, displacement of genuine art by commercial shows, etc. However, only due to the genuine art, the productive perception can be developed as the basic quality of creativity in any sphere. The art teachers, artists and art critics working together can promote the general spiritual level by teaching people to strive for artistic perfection, rather then senseless entertainment.

The research findings can be implemented both in the theoretical spheres of esthetics and art studies, and in the system of te­ac­hing the dis­cip­li­nes of cul­tu­ra­l, esthe­tic and art pro­fi­les.

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Index terms: le­vels of work of art, ar­tistry, cre­ati­ve ar­tistic act, art edu­ca­ti­on.

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